"GOTCHA close protection + First at work "

Review by Andru Davies on 17th February 2014 | Course Completed: 1st November 2013

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Close Protection Course + First Aid At Work (FAAW) by GOTCHA International Group Ltd

Probably the worst thing you can do is review the course that qualifies yourself for the job,

But i believe in being honest and plus want to help people pick the right course for them.

Gotha International 10 day course I don't know how long the company had been set up when i went on the course but it felt like a day, there was only one instructor with any experience according to them who didn't even take part in the classes? the owner is ex police surveillance so for a surveillance course I'm sure it would be very handy however we had very little surveillance and anti surveillance on the course which if you ask me is a big part of CP but this was a separate course at the time. the instructors themselves are a good bunch of lads themselves however the course I felt was a waste of time and money they tell you they have good ties with company's offering work ( which they don't ) same as any other company I guess promise you the world and can't deliver. I would not recommend the course to anyone who is looking for CP work anywhere in the world my class was made up of people that i wouldn't put in to CP I think out of a class of 20 there was about 3 that should of been on the course one was about 8 stone in weight looked about the age of 13 sent by the dole office for a security course and the company put him on a CP course 2 was retired ( about 60 years of age ) and also looking for a security licence for part time work as a security officer seemed as though the class was made of people that shouldn't be there therefoe lowering the value of the course and the input in to the course it's self. ( take anyone for the money ) couple of ex military lads who had potential but was put in this class (poor guys ) the course content was ok but felt like they were learning as much off us as we was off them. They covered all that needs to be covered but not very well organised and the scenarios where very mundane and basic no threats or incidents to deal with on any of them.