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Review by Rob Clark on 4th March 2014 | Course Completed: 1st February 2014

Overall Rating 5
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Combined Firearms for Security in Hostile Environments - 4 Day by Euro Tactical Ltd

In my humble opinion Euro tactical Ltd are without doubt the best firearms trainer provider in Europe , how have i come to that conclusion ?

To my knowledge they are the only British operated section 5 firearms trainer that operates a full spectrum of weapons in use and likely to be used on land and sea as a CPO , PSD or MSO.

They do not use .22 or BB weapons , as i've never carried a .22 on operations i don't believe being competent in a .22 based weapons system is relevant and as an individual how can a certificate issued on a conversion weapon be valid as a sect 5 firearm in compliance with martime regulations?

I don't quite fancy being the contractor that is detained in one of those lovely countrys we disembark in for not having the correct firarms cert when a switched on Port authority offical inspects the certificate of competency , How many shipping companys are already specifying pistols should be carried on vessels , German flags currently do . It will not be long before others follow and Pistol certificates with be required.

From a personal view , there are two types of dangerous people we are likely to encounter in our indsutry , NUMBER 1 - Bad people with guns and NUMBER 2 Good People with BAD weapons skills. Both of which can mean serious harm or death to either yourself or team members. I personally will not take the risk of becoming incompetent in my weapons handling thus causing a risk to myself or my team , thats why i have used and will continue to use Euro Tactical for my firearms training.

Please see my recent feedback to Euro Tactical after attending my second course with them.

Mark & Julie Crawford

From a personal note I would like to thank you for absolutely everything, right from first email until the end of course debrief. Your entire team are without doubt 100 % consummate professionals and a credit to the firearms training industry let alone Euro Tactical. Having attended your Maritime &Land course two years ago and at that time being highly impressed with what you offered and provided. I was therefore somewhat hesitant in returning as courses often can be repetitive and training providers quite simply “only interested in getting you passed as competent and taking your hard earned money”. I had that feeling that you have when you’ve seen movie that pressed all your buttons and about to see the sequel and concerned that it would destroy all the good memories of the first.

Firstly I apologise, I shouldn’t have even considered the thought. As soon as I arrived at the range I noticed the new modifications to the range facilities and as the course progressed I encountered new training evolutions and new weapons systems, all of which highly relevant to the field of operation.

I can honestly that with over 30 years within the industry I have never met an instructor like Ian Canon. His method of instruction combined with a vast in-depth knowledge and experience ensured that personal development is guaranteed. It is so refreshing to embark upon training when you are the focus of attention “not the instructor”, Not once did I hear when I was, when I did etc…

Yet again I came away from your training feeling and confident in the knowing that I had achieved more than just competency.


ospitality you receive makes it " the course of choice".

My advice is do it right first time and never be playing catch up !!