"Outstanding training"

Review by Mark Athorn on 4th March 2014 | Course Completed: 1st January 2014

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Maritime Firearms Competency - 2 Day by Euro Tactical Ltd

TRAINING/COURSE STRUCTURE: The course structure was very well put together, it started slowly enough to allow everybody to settle into the weapons but not too slowly that I ever felt I was 'sucking eggs'. At no point no point on the course did I feel that anything was cuffed, everything was structured and included for a reason i felt. The training was 2nd to none, the instructors are experts in this field and I really got the feeling they wanted to help and provide the best package they can. There was no arrogance from the instructors, their sole aim was for the student to get what he/she needed from the course. WEAPONS: Almost every weapon you could possibly need to to become competent on. I chose the course as I'm going to work in the maritime security industry, and this course covered every possible weapon out there right now. If you have a specific weapon you would like to use i'm sure euro tactical would try their hardest to provide it for you if they don't already have it. Weapons are all clean and we had very few stoppages considering the amount of rounds fired.
FACILITIES: The range itself goes out to 100m, about 30m is completely covered from the elements and the firing point is always clean and dry. Having been used to military ranges for the last 8 years this really is The Ritz of firing points. The club house is just to the back of the firing point, always warm with a log burner and tea/coffee on tap. Couldn't ask for anymore really. ADMINISTRATION/BOOKING OF YOUR COURSE: This is where Euro Tactical really stands out. As it's in France it's a bit of a logistical burden to get there, or at least you would think it should be.... Julie really does go out of her way to help you get there, i got the feeling she would come and pick me up from my front door if i asked her. She will find you trains, planes, ferries or whatever else you need to get there all at the cheapest prices. She will also arrange a pick up from the ferry/air port to the accommodation. From the moment i phoned inquiring about the course to the moment i arrived, i was constantly kept in the loop and updated. At one point i think we spoke everyday for a week as i was sorting payment via the forces resettlement. ACCOMMODATION: The BnB is about 40 mins away from the range but you are picked up and dropped off by the instructors so no need to try and find you're own way. It's a traditional french cottage which is run by an English couple so there's no language barrier. Jane, the BnB owner, will bend over backwards to accommodate, always providing tea/coffee for free and the evening meals are superb. Can't fault the BnB in any way. WILL YOU BE RECOMMENDING EURO-TACTICAL?: I already have and i'll continue to recommend it. WILL YOU BE USING EURO-TACTICAL FOR FUTURE TRAINING?: I'll be coming back yearly as it's a yearly competency i need, i wouldn't even waste my time going elsewhere. VALUE FOR MONEY?: Excellent value for money, it's not just a duty attend course where you pay your money and get the tick in the box. You've got to work hard to pass and consequently finish the course with some great training and a feeling of accomplishment. OVERALL COMMENTS: An outstanding training provider where no task is too large or small. They provide services that go above and beyond what you have paid for. For example, the bolt action rifle shoot was at the end of the course for me. We fired about 10 rounds on each rifle which is standard, but with some extra time in the day, we were given more and more rounds to fire, at about £9 a round, that was obviously eating into his profit but it wasn't an issue, that's just one example of the ways they would take it upon themselves to provide you with the best possible package.