"Outstanding Security Advisers "

Review by Wesley Love on 25th March 2014 | Course Completed: 1st March 2014

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Combined Firearms for Security in Hostile Environments - 4 Day by Euro Tactical Ltd

Having been extremely disappointed with so called weapons competency companies in the UK I was very concerned with Euro-tactical Ltd. This gave me reason to do in-depth research into the company to make sure that I was not wasting my money! Having found no faults with the company and having read only but good reviews I contacted Euro-tactical Ltd and booked the Combined Maritime and Land based Security course.

I was presently surprised with the level of training and the level of professionalism. From the moment I contacted Euro –tactical I was given accurate information concerning travel e.g. flights, car-hire, accommodation, dietary and medical providers in the area. Euro-tactical arranged for my pick up at the airport by one of the Instructors (not a dodgy taxi ) and I was taken to a very up market guest house. Every morning Euro – tactical would collect the students and take them to the range for the early morning safety briefs. The range is an indoor 100 metre live firing with the capacity to take high calibre like .338 long range sniper rifles. Euro-tactical was able to deliver a live firing package which was to a very high standard. With a total of eight students to three instructors the ratio made for excellent one to one training if needed.

During the training students are trained in the use of 9mm, 10mm, .45ACP, 357 magnum, 12 gauge shotgun, 5.56 NATO, 7.62 short, 7.62NATO and .338 long range. The high light for most of the students was the training on the CZ Scorpion evo3 A1. As stated on the website ammunition was not a concern for the instructors and by the end of the week all of us were getting fantastic groupings at 25 metres with all the pistols and revolvers.

The same applied to the rifles and as a former Royal Marine Commando I was pleasantly surprised with the level of marksmanship principles that were being taught. This included the dynamics of shooting moving targets from a moving platform.

Over all the practical training during the day and theory study at night was to a sufficient standard meaning I never felt overwhelmed with information!

The range also has a club house which like the guest house was to a very high standard. Tea’s and coffee’s or WETS as I call them were not of short supply, and I took great pleasure in Beasting the Instructors in their Wets making capabilities. I’m pleased to say that they all passed!!

For me personally Euro-tactical Ltd stands out by leagues and bounds. As a security operator I would be scared to death if I knew I was working alongside another who had done his/her weapons competency training in the UK where only the use of .22 bolt action is allowed.