"I didn't like driving until I learnt how to do it properly! "

Review by Emily McGowan on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

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Specialist Defensive Driving by Mitchell's School of Motoring

It's a very intense thing learning to drive, the basic DSA test, theory hazard perception and practical was ok once I got my head round it but I much preferred my motorcycle no matter what the weather. Sitting in a car was boring.com. Until some suicidal cyclist or sheep throw themselves in front of your vehicle that is. The thing is, it just wasn't challenging enough I needed more, so I called Mitch. From the first lesson I realised how wrong I was, finally I had something that requires some serious effort. My brain thought it was going to overload, all the things you see, they are there but you don't really think about them. Lamp posts, litter bins, dog walkers, lines in the road. Now I see everything differently. I think differently. I react differently. My whole how to drive has completely changed, for the better. I don't even get mad when I see the tail gaiters or cyclists I now drive smoothly and Eco drive by default so it's saving me money. I don't speed but my journeys are quicker. I love driving on the motorway country roads and about town. I very rarely stop. I adjust my speed accordingly to avoid choke points. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve confidence and learn to enjoy driving. I can now do my job with a smile on my face and many people compliment my driving skills.