"Maritime and Security 4 day Firearms "

Review by Jeremy H. on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Combined Firearms for Security in Hostile Environments - 4 Day by Euro Tactical Ltd

The Eurotactical course was well structured and paced. It allowed myself, a relative novice with firearms to get to grips, become confident and competent with a wide range of regularly used firearms. The 'commonality of drills' ethos enabled me to retain knowledge and learn faster even though the type of weapon(s) we trained on every day were changing, meaning that everything i had learned enabled me to better understand what came after with a different weapon. The course instructors were of the highest calibre possible! Bob, Ian, Mark Andy all of them were true gents and all had time for even the smallest question or concern, they were all very knowledgeable. The quality and delivery of the course content was second to none, no commands or instructions ever seemed to be confusing, and everything seemed to delivered in a logical order with plenty of useful info and weapons knowledge. The Euro Tactical range and facilities were entirely satisfactory and fit for purpose, the range was large enough to deal with a number of shooters simultaneously and had enough room to allow the higher calibre weapons to be utilised effectively and realistically, whilst being adaptable to allow more dynamic drills with the 9mm stuff. The clubhouse was comfortable and the constant stream of tea and coffee as well as bbq's for lunch went down well. The weapons available were well maintained and functional, i learned to use, strip and maintain a broad range of pistols, sub machine guns, assault rifles and bolt guns ranging from 9mm to .300 remington, and the instructors are well versed in getting you to be able to use the weapon to a high degree of accuracy, whilst maintaining safety for yourself and you fellow operators. The admin and booking of the course was relatively easy, with Julie sorting everything I needed to know within a few emails. The accommodation was very nice and homely and the food was amazing! Jane and Theo did their utmost to make us feel welcome and comfortable, all the usual mod cons like satellite TV and wifi were available, but it wouldnt have mattered if they werent there because Jane and Theo's hospitality was A1. I would recommend Euro Tactical to anyone wishing to broaden their firearms knowledge and increase their accuracy and consistency when training with a firearm, I certainly learned more and shot far better than i had expected to in four days. It is likely that I will be returning myself to further my skills and broaden my knowledge base in the near future also. The comparitive cost of the course was good, the broad range of weapons types and ammo, accomodation and high level of intructor to trainee time meant that if you were to add it all up you'd realise you were getting a very good deal. also the location of the venue, being close to the UK means you also save money on your travel costs (if you book your flights/boat early enough). Overall I had a great time at Euro Tactical and learned a hell of a lot, met some great people and felt like i had achieved something, walking away with a recognised qualification. I'd like to thank Jane, Julie, Theo, Mark, Bob, Ian and Andy. J