Review by Iain Fairweather on 16th May 2014 | Course Completed: 1st January 2014

Overall Rating 5
Review Breakdown
Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA) by MedSec 7

The course was delivered by an instructor that had a vast amount of personal knowledge and was able to give down to earth explainations during the difficult subjests, this made the subject easier to understand. The structure of the course enabled you to follow the subject matter easly. A kindle book was issued for an app on the ipad prior to the course as for pre reading, then the hard copy was issued on the course. The kindle book was very useful, during the cousre and for revision purposes.

Medsec 7 were by far the cheapest course available and this didn't detract from the standard of equipment or delivery from the instructor, it was excellent value for money. The company administration was very easy to follow and assistance was always readly available if requied.

I highly recommend MedSec 7 for any cousre as I have now completed two courses with them and will deffinately be doing more.