"Advanced close protection course"

Review by Michael Thomson on 19th May 2014 | Course Completed: 1st May 2014

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Close Protection Course by Galahad Associates Ltd.


BY: Galahad Associates Ltd.

Advanced close protection operators course

Ok so alittle background on myself,Former Royal marines and then after the corps I dabbled in Industrial rope access for a number of years.Having always had an interest of the close protection industry I decided the time was right to get my training sorted and get everything I needed to pursue a career in this highly specialised line of work.

So finding the correct training provider,Now I'm not about to say that Galahad Associates is THE best out there as I have only attended one close protection training course and I would be making uninformed decisions but what I will say it was the best Close Protection course for what I wanted to achieve,Having come from the Royal Marines I have pretty high standards about the training I receive and also about the instructors that wish to train me.I spent at least four months searching all training providers available worldwide and was even considering one in particular in Africa and a few in america,I wanted a training provider and instructors who we're passionate about there profession and who had the experienced of being in actual close protection roles throughout the world,Who could pass onto me all the skills and info I needed to get out there and be the best operator I can be.

I choose Galahad Associates,There course is one of the longest being run and it comprises 25 full days of training,No weekends off,25 days straight.As I already said I have high expectations and am glad to say that Galahad met and exceeded those expectations in each and every way.

The full course from start to finish was an intense period with so much Information to be taken on board but at the same time receiving some of the best training possible with hints&tips learned by operators through years of experience on the ground.The Galahad course is not a pass on attendance course,You as a student have to be willing to put in 100% Effort at all times,Practise what you are being taught,And apply all your skills in demanding exercises throughout the course which do not last a few hours but last a few days,Where you have the opportunity of working as a close protection team and at times a Personal protection officer&Team leader which presents it's own set of challenges.The training is hard and at times full on much is expected from you and Jamie the senior instructor does not just train you to be a close protection officer but trains you be of Team Leader standard,But at the end of the training everything you have went through in the past 25 days will be worth it,You will realise that Galahad Associates wasn't started because they saw an opening to make money.Galahad Associates was started by Experienced CPO's who saw a problem in the security sector of inexperienced CPO's starting to flood the industry (There Industry)And so they felt compelled to run there own specialised training in there own specialised training area.

Galahad Associates teaches you to be the best on the ground and I have no issues in recommending them to anyone wishing to pursue a career in the close protection industry.