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Review by Kevin White on 21st May 2014 | Course Completed: 1st May 2014

Overall Rating 4
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Training Received3
Customer Service4
Value for Money3

Security Management - Diploma by Perpetuity Training Ltd

Recently completed the level -5 Diploma in security management with Perpetuity Traning Ltd. I decided to take the course as a taste to see if I would have the time an patience to dedicate to a long distance academic qualfication before looking at doing a degree. Overall I enjoyed the course, some of the subject matter in the essay questions given I found were very interesting and gave knew thought to consider in the business world in regards to security management.

I didnt make much use of the instructors personally, but I did contact them for clarification with one of the assignments, to which he contacted me in his personal time and invited me to skype/email him anytime if I have any further questions. This may be not the usual proticle but he knew I was completing the course from the United States.

Although I made use of the reference books supplied with the course, a couple I only refered to a couple of times and I didnt find them much use during the duration of the course and mainly relied on previous books I had purchased or internet searches.

Any professional education qualification undertaken can be regarded as priceless, an one must speculate to accumalate. Howether I thought the price might be a little excessive considering I didnt make much of the services other than log into the learning portal to download the lesson bulletins and get the next assignment questions. But that being said, it is a professional recognised qualification and would be considered reasonable compared to other courses offering less weight in the certificate world.