"Me'h, iv had better"

Review by Kevin White on 21st May 2014 | Course Completed: 1st February 2012

Overall Rating 3
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Training Received3
Customer Service2
Value for Money2

Terrorism Studies Certificate by St Andrews University

I have to say I learned a lot during this course in regards to terrorist networks, aims an ideology and much more. Howether the price was extremely exessive for just a certificate.

I found that during some of the feedback from the marking instructors, it was very rushed without much pointers for improvements at all. An several times I had to email them for further information on what they liked/disliked on the essay's I had written. For 1500 word essays that took me considerable time to write, I just thought that a 1 line feedback email was rediculous considering the PHD security specialits they brag about that mark them.

In summary, I found this course overpriced and the whole lessons in the course could have just been published as a book and not broken up into tiny lesson chunks and sold as a course!