"Door supervisors course "

Review by Brian Chestnutt on 23rd May 2014 | Course Completed: 1st April 2010

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Door Supervisor Course - Level 2 by Specific Training

This was a four day course like most DS training. I decided to go with Specific training, who are based in Northern Ireland as am I, because of recommendations from fellow workers.

I was not disappointed, upon arrival we were made feel very welcome, coffee and chocolate biscuits and I'm anyones, don't tell the wife ;) about 5 of the the guys taking the course all worked the same nightclub so knew each other and I thought there may be a bit of a click and the rest of us could be left out but as soon as Dougie started the class we were all equal, he had us all answering questions and getting involved, by the end of day one we were all knew each other and were swopping stories about our experiences and what was happening in the powerpoint and the videos we were shown.

The course content was further and beyond what the SIA needed. The experience Dougie had and the answers he could give at the drop of a hat to a bunch of N.Irish guys was amazing, I'm not sure what his background was because he never said and we didn't feel the need to ask, but he's the kind of guy who is likeable, knowledgable and just has that ORA of I'm a guy who's been there done that and now I'm here to help you. One example of Specific Trainings values when Dougie asked the class "has anyone here got a criminal record?" he added, "if you do there's no point being here" We were also asked that on the phone as well before he would accept us on the course as they feel they don't want us to waste money on a license we wouldn't have got, I liked that because some companies would just train you and leave you to your own devices. Well in the classroom I put up my hand, I joked I had no tv license so the whole class called me Emmerdale for the four days. Davey had built a team and brought everyone together in a common goal for those four days.

The boss Steven came in and asked us how we were getting on, he said we were the lucky ones because the next week the SIA were bringing in Physical intervention and we had just missed it, we all breathed a sigh of relief. It was a good four days...


Three years later...

You guys know the score, time to renew and low and behold I need upskilling, so once again I got back on the blower to Specific training, got booked into the local rugby club, this time it was Steven, we were made feel very welcome again. Steven told us he would be our tutor today. He talked very clearly and consicely and made sure we all got the lesson in our heads, he showed us various holds that were permitted by the SIA, some of which were very close to wristlocks but were permitted. (WTH SIA?)

My training with Specific I have very good memories of, the company is well run and the guys and gals know their stuff. I don't have any affiliation with them but if I need training that's where I'll be going.