"Very knowledgeable instructors and an interesting interview concept"

Review by Tom Richmond on 11th July 2014 | Course Completed: 1st April 2012

Overall Rating 4
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Training Received4
Customer Service4
Value for Money4

Investigative Interviewing Course by Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates

The Wicklander Investgative Interviewing course is a great corporate based technique in order to establish facts and get the interviewee to admit their guilt by taking an empathetic approach to what they have done.

The instructor was a lead instrcutor for Wicklander who also provide investigation capabilites all over the world so knew his subject matter inside out and gave lots of real life examples to bring the subject to life which complimented the practical scenarios that we conducted.

The resources were ok, held in a hotel that was a bit dated with lmited refreshments and poor wifi connectivity.

The course tutor invited us to connect with him on LinkedIn which i did and we have been in contact since to talk through investigations i have conducted and to provide some feedbak to him on results i've had using the tecnique which was really useful that he took the time to do so.

In summary a realy worthwhile courses and if you work in Loss Prevention then it's really worth looking into.