"ExMed MIRA - train with the best"

Review by David Goddard on 21st July 2014 | Course Completed: 1st January 2014

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA) by Exmed UK Ltd

I have just completed the MIRA course with ExMed and have to say that their reputation is well earned, the instructors are all experienced Medics/doctors and have worked operational across the globe, all of the content and lessons delivered are backed up by personal experiences of the staff, from us students up to very experienced doctors the course engages everyone focusing on the skills that would be needed in a remote area.

I had read many threads on the internet that the MIRA course is just a jazzed up FPOS (I) course, if you approach the course with that attitude you will struggle, there is a lot to take in and it is well worth reading up the pre course manually that ExMed send out to you.

Having completed the course I now feel more confident about my medical knowledge and skills.