"Post Incident Forensic Management"

Review by Christopher Fraser on 4th August 2014 | Course Completed: 1st April 2013

Overall Rating 4
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money3

Post Incident Forensic Management by Marsec International

As a Private security contractor, many will know that there are a few courses required both prior to entry in to the Maritime industry and whilst in between deployments. As with most companies, the policies change and/or are updated and so you are required to update your qualifications to meet the criteria.

However, in some cases the odd course may be added on at a clients request, which in this case was Post Incident Forensic Management.

In my honest opinion of the course itself, I found it interesting and valuable, but as a requirement for the Maritime industry, No. Having been on the course and later seeking legal advice from a Lawyer/Solicitor, I have been made aware that it is unnecessary and could cause incrimination to yourself in some cases. Realistically, it would not be beneficial to cordon off a crime scene that you and/or team have created. That being said having the knowledge from the course gives you a much better insight in to handling a crime scene from a neutral position.

Credit where it is due to both Marsec International and the Highly experienced instructors. The course was presented professionally and well thought out.

Yes the course was intriguing and beneficial, but unless there is requirement from your employer/client, I'd save your hard earned pennies guys.