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Review by Glen Lawlor on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

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Hostile Environment & Corporate Close Protection Training by Longmoor Security

I completed by training with Longmoor a few years ago now. However this was when Longmoor was run by ex RMP CPU instructor Chris Brice & Mick Hanley. They were part of our instructors along with a number of highly experienced RMP CPU instructors who are now with various operational companies, Excellentia to name one for example. So I can only review the former Longmoor and instructors as apposed to the new company. The course itself was conducted over 20 long and challenging days. The course syllabus and content was on par with the daily operational life of someone working the corporate circuit. The one point I must stress however that this course in no way shape or form was on a par with the SIA minimum and it greatly excelled the mediocre SIA standard. But this again was down to the course provider and instructors as they would not put there name to sub standard training and have sub standard operators using there name. The facilities provided were second to none and the environment where training was carried out was as I stated on par with the corporate circuit. The course attendees was as you would expect made up primarily of current and ex UK military (RMP, Paras & Bootniks) plus some civies, so there was a great mix of experience to bring to the course dynamic as well as plenty of banter! The content was structured in 4 phases with an additional sub phase added. * The corporate close protection operator. * Close protection driving - the standard thought for this was exceptional - Former SME for FCO on driving (RMP CPU instructor now with excellentia), along with Met Police and RMP CPU instructors. * The medic phase - again the standard was excellent - instructed by former uk military and ambulance service medics now operating on the hostile circuit. * Sub phase 2 days on surveillance - ex UK Mil and Security Service SV operators * Final 3 day exercise. On the whole the course was fantastic, the people I met on are now friends for life, everyone is very busy on the circuit between corporate cp, hostile and chasing pirates. And having the Longmoor name on my cv has opened many doors for me and kept me in constant employment. But as I stated at the start this review is based on the former not the now, so I cannot review or recommend the new company although I'm sure they still provide the same standard. For my money now my advice would be to look at Excellentia or pop over to Ireland and have a look at Global Risk International you might just be surprised at how good these guys are!