"Galahad Associates Czech Republic CP course"

Review by Stuart Hunter on 24th September 2014 | Course Completed: 1st August 2014

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Training Received5
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Close Protection Course by Galahad Associates Ltd.

I attended this 25 day Close Protection Course with Galahad in August 2014.

The course as the title suggests is run in the Czech Republic, this in itself posed many extra challenges for the students such as driving on the right (wrong!) side of the road, different road signs, unpronounceable town/location names etc. This immediately pushed us out of our comfort zones and something you wouldn't experience training in the UK.

The course content itself covers all areas of CP you may experience as a future CP Operative, Executive, Celebrity and Hostile CP are all covered in depth to train the student as a well rounded operative and gave us a good insight into some of the situations we may face. We were tested with numerous scenarios that ensured we had to think on our feet as you would on live Ops, I found this a good method of training instead of repetitive scenarios where you know what's coming next.

The first part of the course covers the FPOSI taught by an experienced medic with several years live experience dealing with various types of casualties. The training is very much geared towards the practical element and minimal time is spent in the classroom. Scenarios ranged from a serious RTA to combat casualties with realistic exercises that at times pushed us to the limit both physically and mentally, I wont go into detail as I wouldn't want to spoil it for future students!

The CP part of the course is highly intense both physically and mentally. Physical exercise is carried out every morning at 0630hrs including runs, log carries on the beach and numerous press ups, sit ups and pull ups. There is also extra 'free phys' thrown in included swims etc.

The CP training is intense, embuss and debus, walking skills and driving skills are practised relentlessly until the high standards of the instructors are met. Once the students have achieved this level the realistic exercises start, growing in complexity and leading upto the demanding 3 day operation carried out in Praque.We were taught all aspects of Operational Planning and everything that entails giving op briefings to the instructors, we soon found out if these weren't upto standard and the instructors didn't hold back on their constructive criticism!

Also so included within the course are the Covert Surveillance, Protective Driving, Live Firearms and Hostile Environment Training. Again realistic exercises were carried out to test the students to the limit.

There really is too much involved on the course to go into great detail of the contents, suffice to say I wouldn't want to have trained with anyone else and feel proud with a real sense of achievement in training and passing this highly demanding course. The instructors knowledge and experience is second to none.

There are numerous Training Providers whose courses you can attend to gain the CP licence, but if you want to be trained way above the SIA standard and earn a coverted certificate you can't go far wrong with Galahad Associates.