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Served 12 years in the Royal Marines, retirering from 42 commando, Royal Marines on 26th September 2013, Qualified with a Nebosh Health and Safety, Auditor certificates in ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 18001, also done BOSIET,MIST, STCW 95 all 4 modules , UK Norwegian Offshore oil & gas Medical certificate, MSO and shooting solutions competence, now looking for MSO experience.

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5 Maritime Refresher Course - 1 Day by Shooting Training Solutions Limited

Refresher Course - I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve on their shooting skills, This is my 3rd time doing a firearms course with Shooting Solutions and I keep coming back not only due to the quality of training but 3 years in the maritime industry I ... (read more)

5 Maritime Refresher Course - 1 Day by Shooting Training Solutions Limited

A very essential course for all maritime security operators and Team Leaders - Did my STS Maritime Refresher Course today, I must say I'm glad I did it again with STS, well worth the money you pay for, as not only do you get to clear the cobwebs and rid off skill fades of firing a live weapon with various drills, I really did learn ... (read more)

5 Maritime Firearms Competency Course (Full Course) - 1 Day by Shooting Training Solutions Limited

Brilliant Course - I don't usually put reviews, but this course is an exception, After 12 years in the corp and over a year having not touched a weapon, I was worried if my weapon drills, NSP's etc were either bit rusty or totally forgotten, I was suprised to find that the ... (read more)