Del Harris

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Security Consultant

A professional, fit, and highly motivated Security and Risk Management Consultant who possesses up to date skills in Close Protection, qualifications in First Aid, Personal and Physical Security Training, Movement Operations, Managing and Leadership skills. This CPO has just finished working as a Close Protection Officer in London, risk managing for a high profile international client and has a wide spectrum of abilities ranging from on the ground movements to managing large scale training packages. He has the ability to lead the way in client frontage with exceptional client relationship skills. Looking to progress in the Close Protection industry, this grounded experienced Team Leader has adapted well when placed into any management or leadership situation and has a proven track record of conscientious dedicated diligence concerning security or risk assessment.

Del's Reviews (2)

4 Maritime Security Operative (MSO) 8269 Fast Track by G4S (Phoenix)

G4S MSO - Good course with good food and accommadation

5 Close Protection Course + FPOS-I by Argus Europe

Argus Europe - Excellent course with great instructors.