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Hi, my name is Chris and I live in Belfast, NI. I was born into 'the troubles' over here in 1970 and have been in a lot of hostile environments. I got my first passion in first aid as my mother worked in the nearby Royal Victoria Hospital and was called on regularly to help injured persons, usually by gunshot or blast.

In 1982 I joined the local brigade of St John Ambulance as a cadet and loved every minute of this. I was able to gain experience of helping the 'seniors' but it also exposed me to the hostole environments of gun shot wounds and blast injuries. I progressed in the late '80's to the senior structure of the brigade and became an Ambulance Aid Attendant and Driver.

Belfast was crazy in those days and, at the time, we carried NI Ambulance Service Radios and were responding to every type of situation. I learned a lot from my experiences and was glad to hear that CAT tourniquets are being used again to save lives over in Iraq and Afghanistan. My theory was always "plug the hole or it's no good continuing CPR if they're bleeding out". My prayers were answered and I now carry two CAT tourniquets, just in case.

Over the years, things have calmed down in Northern Ireland, although there still is isolated incidents of bomb and bullet. I wish to use my life's experience in an hostile environment to be able to help others, no matter where they are in the world.

I have the experience and the qualifications to assist those in need in Rural or hostile environments.

If I was the selectional panel, I would take someone like me :-)

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5 Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA) by NI First Aid Services Ltd

MIRA Course in Antrim - Brilliant course ran by Exmed's National Education Officer over in Antrim - a must to have in hostile and extreme environments � Thanks