Ashley Davis

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Director of Security

7 years military experience (infantry)

masters degree in Security and Risk management.

currently working in Dubai, UAE as the Director of Security for the largest hospitality company in the UAE.

always looking for opportunities and training courses to advance my knowledge and experience.

Ashley's Reviews (2)

5 Maritime Security Operator (MSO) - 25 Days by Trident Operations Ltd

MSO Course - The MSO course with Trident was excellent, I really enjoyed all that was learnt and I would highly recommened the course and the Trident Training team.

5 Security and Risk Management Msc by University of Leicester

Excellent training - I would highly recommend the online degree to any security professionals that want to improve the knowledge and experience in the security industry. The tutors at the Uni are always on hand to give you guidance whenever it is needed and this is given ... (read more)