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martial arts instructor

Weapons technician

I joined the Royal Air Force on October 1988 straight from school and was enrolled at RAF Swinderby for my basic training. After passing out of the seven week Basic Recruit training course I moved to Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering, Cosford, which is where I completed my trade training course to become a Weapons Technician. Whilst at Cosford I represented the station in various martial arts and really enjoyed the compulsory PT lessons we had during the course.

I trained and passed all my qualifications as a weapons technician in cosford which gave me the knowledge I needed for maintaining aircraft ejector seat systems, load arms and explosives on various raf aircraft systems and also maintain carriage and release systems.

After 15 months trade training I was posted to 56(R)Squadron at RAF Coningsby. This proved to be a very busy flight line as it was the Tornado F3 OCU (Operational Conversion Unit) where the RAF train their pilots and navigators to fly fast jets. I was deployed to the Gulf conflict and did three tours in the Gulf, and was on detachment several times with the squadron to Denmark, Germany and Lossiemouth.

1989-2010 G4S Security, Glasgow


Working on a part-time basis originally then more and more hours all the time I was supervising between 5-50 event stewards within various football, night clubs, music venues, all the major sporting and music festivals in the Uk and around the world also we provide the labour and conservative parties with security and protection services this included close protection of pop and rock artists around the world. My responsibilities predominantly involve pre-event briefing and job delegation to staff members and agreeing and arranging manning levels for our clients, organising rotas and de-briefing once day’s event was over. As part of this role I also provide both on and off the job support to stewards giving them the confidence and motivation to carry out their duties professionally. We also provide all training our stewards may require within their role and arrange training courses were appropriate. Also have a lot of contact with our clients to make sure there security needs are met and that the event is safe for all who attend and who are working there also to provide a safe secure and enjoyable environment for all.

Currently teavhing martial arts and just passed cp/fpos course.


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5 Close Protection Course by HSC Trainng (Glasgow)

cp op/fpos - Great course to advance myself in the cp industry and open up more opporunities great instructors and training with former armed forces guys and current cp operators in hostile areas. Would recomend this course highly to those intrested .