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Close protection officer

Dear Sir/Madam

Im 34 ex military (Household Cavelry Regiment) where I spent 9 years as part of a forward formation reconnaissance squadron , my roll was as a driver gunner radio operator in a armoured fighting vehicle (scimitar)I finished my career as a lance Corporal , during my time I went on operations in Kosovo 1999 Bosnia 2000 op harvest where we taking arms off the local civilian population . N Ireland 2001 op crookam we're I was attached to 3 para this was the first time they had been back since bloody Sunday. Kuwait 2003 op telic eere we was training and preparing for the invasion of Iraq , Iraq 2003 op telic were we thought through to try and stabilise the country. Iraq 2004 op telic 4 were trained the new police force as well as policing and patroling fighting back against insurgents.

Other countries like Canada Kenya Germany Belize were we went on training exercises , since I left the army I gained qualifications as a tiler and plasterer were I worked self employed and on paye fitting shops out kitchens , bathroom working on schools and a lot of social housing projects

The past year I have undergone my close protection , Door supervisor , aviation security lev 1 , First aid at work , first person on scene intermediate and Medic in remote area .My main aim is to get work in hostile country I am still very fitt smart easy to get on with always on time loyal hard working I can work as part of a team or on my own initiative if you need any more information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully A Hanson.

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