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Team Leader Maritime Security, MIRA Med, CP

To whom it may concern

My name is Stephen George and I am an experienced CP and Maritime Security Consultant, A Team Leader, ex-soldier and former Police Officer. For 17 years I served in an armed, specialised, joint anti-terrorist unit with the Royal Marines (op lifespan) to patrol and secure both offshore and inland waterways. We operated from a mother ship (P2000), utilising twin-engine ribs to board, search, and apprehend vessels. We maintained 24-hour cover of all waterways, identifying threats by utilising radar and bridge-watch.
My most recent deployment was as team leader of an armed team onboard a bulk carrier transiting from Egypt to India I also have experience onboard fishing vessels in the High Risk Area of the Indian Ocean. My duties included 24 hour, rotational watches for the duration of the transit, using radar, night-vision equipment and long-range binoculars to assist us. Writing reports and maintaining watch-logs for the team, consulted charts and GPS for location status, and used VHF, marine-band and satellite communication equipment on a daily basis. I am familiar with port procedures and communicating with in-country agents.
I have all the qualifications an MSO requires, including both weapon handling and safety courses (Nov 2012). I have up-to-date psychiatric and medical fitness reports too. I am also qualified in Medicine in a remote area (Exmed) and Advanced driving. I have a vast experience in protection duties and use of armoured vehicles and all types of relevant communications systems. I have trained in Navigation using maps, charts, and gps systems as well as in Diversity and racial awareness.
I am highly motivated, thriving in the most arduous of conditions. Years of experience have prepared me for working lengthy periods of duty, particularly as a member of close-knit teams. With my professionalism, work-ethic, and highly relevant experience, I believe I can be an asset to any maritime company. I am also qualified as a CP operative and have extensive experience of high profile principles within the hostile environment of N. Ireland during the worst of the troubles.

I can be contacted on or on 07887955208.

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