Craig Jacques

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close protection officer

Im still learning new things every day in the world of close protection, but have had a number of years experiance in security, from forces to door supervisor work and now close protection, i also run my own security company, Actual Security Services (uk) Ltd.

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5 Close Protection Course by Associated Risks Group

value for money. - I was in the forces for a few years and done some very basic protection, and obviously firarms, and ive always wanted to further my career in close protection, i looked all over the place for a course and i got infomation on a few basic course and i mean ... (read more)

5 Maritime Firearms Competency Course - 1 Day by Associated Risks Group

staff really know there stuff - the staff at ARG really know there stuff, in my opinion there is no provider that even comes close.

5 Pistol Course - 1 Day by Associated Risks Group

no faults at all - I done this course as part of the ARG close protection course, no faults at all, if you think you know it all then do this course and you will see you actully dont know it all. i learnt things i didnt even think and know about.