Benjamin Collier

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I have been trained in advanced trauma care both in the military and the civilian private sector. I used the training from different advanced miltiary courses and I am now continuing with my international work.

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5 Level 3 Covert Surveillance Operations Course - 5 Days by Associated Risks Group

Excellent course - A very cold December course showed me the realities of surveillance, the training involved and the patience a specialist needs. There is a lot to learn on this course but with the high quality tuition and support you will learn a surprisingly amount of va ... (read more)

5 Close Protection Course by Associated Risks Group

Excellent course - I attended this course after taking part in the Royal Military Police Close Protection Course to further my ongoing career in the international industry. The ARG instructors I had were very knowledgeable and experienced operators and the training they gav ... (read more)

5 Pistol Course - 1 Day by Associated Risks Group

EXCELLENT COURSE - I took part in this course to help me with my pre-deployment training in my close support role. Current military training only teaches you a limited understanding about pistol drills and even less with the principles of point and shoot within a close quar ... (read more)