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5 Combined Firearms for Security in Hostile Environments - 4 Day by Euro Tactical Ltd

Outstanding - Absolutely outstanding. The logistics of the course ran like clockwork. I had no issues whatsoever from the moment I got on the plane to the moment I was back in England. The course is held in france so that it fully abides by all laws. Transfers to an ... (read more)

5 Ship Security Officer (SSO) by Train2Survive Ltd

Brilliant course - The SSO course is worth every penny. The course is a real eye opener to everything the Merchant Naval officers do. If you are an MSO this course will allow you to understand what you can do to help the ships crew and also gives you a much larger understan ... (read more)

5 First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I) by Train2Survive Ltd

Super course - The FPOS-I was no exception. Great class with varying levels of knowledge between us proved no challenge for the instructor. Allowing time to share experiences so that we could learn from each other also. Mixing the day up with the use of classroom work ... (read more)

5 Maritime Security Operative (MSO) 8269 Fast Track + FPOS-I by Train2Survive Ltd

Outstanding - Just completed this course and more than satisfied. The MSO course content was extremely well presented. I learnt a huge amount from the course as Train2Survive go the extra 10 miles. I was welcomed and found that the instructors teaching style was fant ... (read more)