Duane Phillips

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Door supervisor

Been doing door work on and off from before 2003, but only got licensed then. I also am a professional boxer. That's a useful skill to have whilst working on the doors. I'm 5'7" &11st, so if there's any trouble, I'm the guy that normally is approached first. Or they hear I'm a boxer, and want to see if I can really fight.

I've wanted to work as a close protection officer for as long as I can remember, but the prices of courses make it difficult. I've also been put off by people saying because I don't have any military background, I wouldn't get much work. And trying to find a course in the UK that has firearms training.

I belive my size would an advantage, because I wouldn't stand out. In China the Bodyguards that look after the diplomats etc are not 6'5" 200 pounders.

And people with military backgrounds I think would be some what unwilling to learn new things.

2015 I will be boring a CP course, ready to learn new skills

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5 Door Supervisor Course - Level 2 by SIA Training Consultants Ltd

door supervisor - level 2 - Really good corse. Really prepared me for life as a door supervisor £250

5 Door Supervisor Upskilling by 1st Class Protective Training & Services

door supervisor Upskilling - Couldn't ask for better. Great trainer and new arm locks and take downs learnt