Mark Curry

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Hostile CP Tier 2 Medic in Iraq

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I already used this to introduce myself to Barry so it may be apt to highlight it is me again "registering on the site"?

I am currently looking for new position in Senior Management/Instructional/Logistics/ Security or Medical out of the UK or as a PSD or a HSE Offshore Medic (Tier 2), so I wonder if you could please assist?

I have carried out Site Security Manager, 2IC and Team Leader in a Private Security Detail role for various companies, including VIP for the Emissary for an Embassy as his own Personal Protection Officer/Medic here in Iraq. Responsible for Security Advice and Consultancy.

Currently finishing working Onshore in Iraq and would work Onshore or Offshore in a different countries, if I got a start as 4,5 years in Iraq has been quite some time and I would relish a new enviroment, preferebly in Africa as I got ties to Ethiopia, however not essential. UAE, Oman etc I also would consider?

I got many Senior Managerial Qualifications and with Logistical, Fleet Management as well as Finance experience from the British Army a 23 years Acting Captain (as a WO2 for a year) that may be sought after?

In this position I was the 2IC to a Major, with a Fleet of 44 vehicles in an AS90 Artillery Battery (Armoured and Wheeled), Logistical Manager in charge of stores and movements of over 120 Officers and Soldiers to Kenya and Afghanistan as well as the Finance Manager for over £60K of Finance and Property.

I also hold many "Instructional qualifications" as well.

I wonder if you could assist me please?

Kindest Regards,

Mark Curry GCGI MCMI

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