Martin Ogden

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close protection officer

I am a very focused driven individual, always striving to succeed in life, i left school with minimal qualifications and pretty much no job career prospects, i saw the error of my ways quite quickly after leaving school. the only thing i was ever good at was riding a bicycle as at that time i was competing in club level competetions, i moved onto competing in national level events where i first saw professional riders, that for me was life changing i had a purpose in life and a goal to aim for, 2 years later i was myself a professional bike rider and competing across the world at the top level riding against the worlds best riders, in my career i i have been national champion 7 times and british champion 4 times and won many prestigous events in europe and america. I started work as a door supervisor in 1999 when a chance meeting with a night club took place in my local gym, he offered me a job which was great as i could work and train at the same time, i have had numerous roles as door supervisor from local bars to busy nightclubs and also have experienced working at festivals across the UK, when my SIA door supervisor license ran out i did take a little break from bars and nightclubs and set my sights higher to gain my close protection license which i have done now and looking to move into the line of work, i also work in schools teaching primary school children safe cycling on the roads, along side that i run my own coaching/skills company where i teach riders from beginner to elite level, i am also a qualified youth worker which is a job i really like, as i get to for the most part still teach cycle skills but also work with under priviledged children or children with behaviour issues which is great for me as i can relate to them.

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5 MIRA and FPOS-I by Wilplan Training Ltd

FPOS-i - i struggled with this course but the tutor was really helpful and answered my questions and concerns i had

5 Close Protection Course + FPOS-I by Wilplan Training Ltd

close protection - this course was really good, long at 3 weeks but i learnt a lot in that time, the tutors were really friendly and even after the course take time to answer any questions you have