Ryan Turner

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Maritime Security Liaison Officer Team Leader
I take pride in being Highly Professional, Reliable and Trustworthy. I have good Leadership, Communication and Organisation skills which I have learnt over the last 10 years, working in both the UK and abroad on Operations and Exercises with the Royal Marines and more recently as a Maritime Security Liaison Officer. I am Highly Motivated and push tasks or projects through to completion using Determination and Resourcefulness. I have been working in the Maritime industry for around 2 years now and have gained a lot of valuable experience.

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4 Close Protection Course by CTR Services Ltd

Good overall - The course was well structured and delivered, the information was current and relevant and overall I would recommend this course to others.

4 Ship Security Officer (SSO) by Maritime Intergrated Services

Just what was needed - This course was well ran and delivered in a good environment that suited its purpose. The instructor passed on all the relevant knowledge needed to pass the final exam and also shared a lot of personal experiences that raised the awareness of the course a ... (read more)