Terri Fogarty

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qualified close protection officer

I served in the military for four years in the royal logistic corps as a logistic specialist.

I ended my contract in November 2014 and went on to attend a close protection course in January 2015

at Wilplan training establishment in Chorley. I have successfully passed the course and I am currentley in the process

Of applying for my SIA license when my certificates cone through.

Terri's Reviews (3)

5 Firearms Course by Wilplan Training Ltd

Firearms - A very good quality couse in Switzerland that gives a good insight into The handling and use of a firearm. Alot of information was given and all round good course.

5 Close Protection Course by Wilplan Training Ltd

close protection - A great course to have completed. The balance between theory and practical Was suitable for the course structure. Alot was learnt due to the wide range of knowledge And backgrounds of the instructors.

5 First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I) by Wilplan Training Ltd

FPOSi - the FPOSi course I completed with Wilplan was at a very high standard. The instructor had a wide knowledge of the subject and any question posed was Answered without hesitation. Overall a really good course.