Patrick Osborne

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Maritime Security Team Leader

I believe in " reference by reputation" going that extra mile. I have worked within the 3 main areas of the security field, Surveillance, Close Protection, and Maritime Security. I have worked in the Close Protecion field as hgh as Prime Minister level. Conducting multi million pound surveillance operations. Working undercover in a warehouse environment. Finaly ending up as a anti piracy team leader in the Indian Ocean and West Africa.

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5 Joint Service Mountain Training Course by UK HM Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force)

JSMTC Wales - the course was held at Towyn in a cold October month. the course covered map reading, mountain rescue, canoeing, abseiling and rock climbing.

5 Evasive Driving Course by UK HM Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force)

Evasive driving course - This course was held in 1985. One of the resources available was the cradle for a car for the skid pan. The instructors explained all about aquaplaning, the transference of weight onto the corner of the vehicle, the best speed to conduct the J..Y turns. ... (read more)