Mark Harris

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Surveillance operative

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5 Basic Foot & Mobile Surveillance Course - 5 Day by ESS Consulting Limited

Brilliant - I thoraly enjoyed this course. The instruction was second to none with examples from real situations used to demonstrate reasons for procedures. Theory was kept interesting and informative with video clips and models used for demonstration. Practical ... (read more)

4 Professional Investigation (SIA Endorsed) - Beginner by ESS Consulting Limited

Full of information - This course had for me at least some fairly hard legal sections but it was put across well and needed to be included. On my course there were a mixture of people from different backgrounds some with many years in private investigation and some very new to ... (read more)

5 Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) by ESS Consulting Limited

Eye opening - The Osint course is such an eye opener, not only will it make you realise more about your own online security but I would be amazed if you didn't make your money for the course back extremely quickly with the information you can now find out after the cou ... (read more)