Adrian Wilkinson

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Medic/ CPO

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5 Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA) + Responding to Emergency Medical Incidents and Trauma (REMIT) by Wilplan Training Ltd

Class leading course delivered by a class leading training provider. - This is my 4th course attended at Wilplan and for those that know me, it shows the trust I have in Wilplan in delivering the very highest quality training. Having spent my last 15 months working alongside some of the best Trauma surgeons, vascular surgeon ... (read more)

5 First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I) by Wilplan Training Ltd

Real medics teaching real world medicine. - Having attended medical courses both whilst serving in H.M. Forces and whilst with N.H.S. the FPOSi course delivered by Wilplan was up there with the best. Taught by operational medics, teaching real world medicine, the course is intense so a basic prior ... (read more)

5 Close Protection Course by Wilplan Training Ltd

Outstanding course - As with any course I look to atttend, I do my research beforehand. Having looked at Wilplan and then having the oppurtunity to attend an open day whilst a course was ongoing and being able to speak to both instructors and students alike I had no hesitatio ... (read more)