Alex Garcia

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Close Protection and Surveillance Operative

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5 Professional Investigation (SIA Endorsed) - Beginner by ESS Consulting Limited

Surveillance Training - I trained with ESS to get the qualification that will be needed to apply for my investigator license. To be honest I was going to do a distance learning option as it was cheap, but I'm glad I didn't. I did the 2 days classroom and some distance learning r ... (read more)

5 Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) by ESS Consulting Limited

Surveillance Training - "I am not an IT expert and this course is pretty full on with IT skills, but I got some amazing information and techniques to use. I also now understand how I can hide my tracks when doing some background research on targets for surveillance so they never ... (read more)

5 Basic Foot & Mobile Surveillance Course - 5 Day by ESS Consulting Limited

Surveillance Training - "I've been a surveillance and close protection operative for nearly 15 years. I trained with another organisation for surveillance who were reputed to be one of the best, although that training at the time seemed really good, when I finally got to work in ... (read more)