Gaurav Shah

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I have done 7 years service in UK Armed Forces as a Gurkha. I am currently on my resettlement and doing wide area security courses including Maritime Security Operative and Close Protection(Executive/Hostile). I am looking for jobs, abroad or offshore.

My operations experience was Op Herrick when I was deployed to Kabul as a part of Force Protection and my job included driving and transporting VIPs, routine area patrol, Vehicle protection and Compound protection.

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5 Maritime Security Operative (MSO) 8269 by Wilplan Training Ltd

Enjoyable and Productive - I found this course very enjoyable and the instructions I was provided with was very professional, easily understandable and of highest standard. Very professional instructor who will also give you the current insight on the job as well as the industry.  ... (read more)

5 Close Protection Course by Wilplan Training Ltd

Fulfilling and Challenging - I found this course very fulfilling for developing my skills, abilities and confidence on Close Protection Operations. Taught by very experience instructor, the course itself was challenging and a lot of hard work to be put in but very productive and sati ... (read more)