Aurel-Gavrila Cleja

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My name is Aurel-Gavrila Cleja I have serveĀ seven years and four months in the Romanian Army,Military Police as a coporal.I have gained some experience in Maritime Security with a company from UK.I have gained my SIA Licence for Door Supervisor just a couple months ago.I'm interested to gain more experience into Door Supervisor world.

I have gain my Firearm training with Shooting Training solutionsĀ uk.

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5 Maritime Refresher Course - 1 Day by Shooting Training Solutions Limited

Refresh training - I have been attending for the refresh training for Maritime Firearm with Shooting Training Solutions,it has been an honour to see Mark again and his excelent training and teaching style definitely recommend anybody who wants a training or refresh.The best ... (read more)

5 Maritime Firearms Competency Course (Full Course) - 1 Day by Shooting Training Solutions Limited

STS - I have attended at this course and I even make the familiarisation training course 15-16 November 2015 with Mark Knoby the training and instructor,I was two lovely days for and I had learn a lot of new things about the weapons that are used in this indust ... (read more)