Peter Wilde

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Maritime and close protection officer
I have been in maritime security since 2012 as a Team Leader. I am now doing my close Protection course , as i would like to be able to do both maritime and cp . I spent 8 yrs in the army. also 10 years as a private investigator . I have over 370 days in the HRA on ships . Able to work away for any length of time . Always willing to learn news skills and develop existing ones.

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5 Executive Close Protection Course by Staconi

Close protection - Staconi offer a great value for money course. the instructors have a lot of experience in executive close protection . A real pleasure to work with .

5 Maritime Security Operative (MSO) 8269 by Flying Fish

Maritime security officer - Flying fish offer a great MSO course. everything needed to become a maritime security officer

5 Powerboat Level 2 by Bembridge Powerboat Training Ltd

Powerboat level 2 - Bembridge powerboat offer a great course, great fun and value for money

5 Radio Operator by Flying Fish

VHF radio - Flying fish offer a great VHF course with their MSO course. It comes in really handy when on vessels