Darren Beech

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Vessel Protection Officer
Completed 22 years in the British Army. Currently working as a Vessel Protection Officer, so I have all the relevant qualifications for that line of work. Also completed my CP course with Pheonix (Hereford) with FPOS I. Looking to change direction slightly into the CP side of things. I have a strong security background. Served as a Grenadier Guards SNCO. I competed four tours of N Ireland. The first Gulf War (OP GRANBY) Kosovo, and the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003. Plus one subsequent tour after that in 2005.

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5 Close Protection Course + FPOS-I by G4S (Phoenix)

G4S Pheonix - An excellent course set in Hereford. Knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic instructors, who pulled no punches. Instruction was thorough and well paced. Practical lessons we very good and all in all a very good course. My only criticism is if you'r ... (read more)