James Seaman

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Security Consultant

I am a certified and competent security and logistics professional with twenty years of experience gained through a successful fifteen-year military career, most of which was served in a specialist British army unit and five years as a civilian security consultant working on a wide range of projects.

Proven as a practitioner of physical and technical security methodologies at both strategic and operational levels of industry and non-profit organisations in the hostile environment I continue to look for my next career challenge. I have excellent communication and influencing skills with the ability to work across the spectrum of hierarchical social structures both externally and within organisations.

I am an effective team player who can also work in isolation with the minimum support. I am known as a grounded individual who remains unflappable and calm in high stress environments and situations, exuding a calming influence in times of emergency or crisis. Analytical with an attention to detail and a resolute character I maintain the highest standards of work with enthusiasm.

Personnel safety and security is always my paramount priority within my role as a security consultant and I work tirelessly to research and offer the best solutions available to mitigate risk.

An advocate of Business Continuity, Security and Emergency management I view security through a more holistic approach across organisational structures, striving to maintain stakeholder satisfaction and the highest levels of security at the operational level to maintain an organisations reputation regarding safety and security of it’s personnel and assets.

I have aspirations to continue my professional development via a blend of future employment and study, due to sit the ASIS International CPP exam next year and hoping to enrol on an MSc in Business Continuity, Security and Emergency Management having proved my capacity to study at this level of academia recently completing a level 5 course through Bucks New University as a Certified Security Consultant.

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