Andre Steyn

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Maritime Security Operator

I am currently working as an armed Maritime Security Operator in the HRA and am an Ex British Army Commander, having served in a professional Infantry Unit and specialized platoon. I am a qualified Close Protection Officer through G4S and Maritime Security Operator through MARSEC. I hold dual British and South African citizenship.

I have previously been a team leader/section commander and training organizer for 8 years in Sniper and Reconnaissance platoon as well as Stores account holder and administrator for 18 operators. I have proven command and leadership experience gained from various operational tours in a variety of environments, always in demanding and challenging situations including tours in IRAQ and Afghanistan where I have supported Special Forces.

I hold a SIA front line CP licence, G4S Phoenix, all certificates in all modules. I also have FPOS I and I have completed the UK MARSEC international course MSO/SSO/PDSD and hold all 4 STCW 95 modules, all maritime certificates and ENG medical, with weapons competency certificate. I also hold a clean CRB and current YF certificate along with my seamans card and discharge book. I have experience as an armed MSO in various transits throughout the HRA, East Africa, Indie, Gulf of Aden etc. I hold dual South African and British citizenship and split my time between the UK and Cape Town.

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4 Close Protection Course + FPOS-I by G4S (Phoenix)

G4S Phoenix CPO - Experience gained on the course was relevant to being out in a high risk/non high risk area. The instructors were very experienced and could provide you with all the information you could possibly need on any subject within this field. The medical FPOS tr ... (read more)

3 Ship Security Officer (SSO) + STCW 95 by Marsec International

Marsec SSO + STCW 95 - I was on this course in Sep 2012 and I have been working in the Maritime industry since Jul 2013 and from my first transit I had all the knowledge and experience to do the job without any surprises. The course was city and guilds accredited and also inclu ... (read more)