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Diplomatic Security Specialist

Career Highlights

  • Conducted over 300 close protection missions in Afghanistan to protect Secretary of State Kerry and Ambassadors Hugo Llorens and David Robinson in a dynamic, high-threat environment

  • Awarded the U.S. Army’s Commander’s Award for Civilian Service Medal for leading a 6-man team that embedded with Iraqi security forces to collect human intelligence that influenced U.S. advise and assist policy for Iraq

  • Shaped U.S. Marine Corps’ strategic planning by performing country-specific political security analysis and vulnerability assessments of maritime energy infrastructure in the Middle East and Africa

  • Aided law enforcement agencies in understanding terrorist ideologies, tactics, and technologies by performing open-source research and translating documents from Arabic to English for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

  • Completed graduate studies at Harvard University and the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies

  • Planned security operations for the Regime Crime Liaison Office’s investigation of war crimes in Iraqi Kurdistan

  • Spearheaded the Iraqi Currency Exchange Program by managing a nine-man security & logistics team that transported over one billion dollars to 56 banks in insurgent-contested territory

  • Honorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps as a Sergeant and Scout-Sniper Team Leader



Diplomatic Security Specialist & Intelligence Liaison Officer

Kabul, Afghanistan

  • Planned, coordinated, and conducted diplomatic security missions for Ambassadors Hugo Llorens, David Robinson, and other high-ranking diplomats

  • Improved planning capabilities for the ambassadors’ security details by serving as their intelligence liaison officer at the U.S. Embassy

  • Successfully mitigated the clients’ operational risk by performing vulnerability and risk assessments at numerous venues throughout Kabul


Project Manager & Senior Social Scientist

Mosul, Iraq

  • Led a 6-man team that embedded with Iraqi military and police units to collect information on their organizational leadership, political allegiances, and internal security issues

  • Enhanced the client’s cultural awareness by briefing senior leaders on the internal politics of Iraqi military units and serving as a cultural liaison officer between the client and its Iraqi counterparts

  • Designed rigorous research collection plans that utilized interview, focus group, survey, and visual ethnography methods to collect data in a non-permissive environment

  • Oversaw all research project management practices including project planning, the development of project timelines, collaboration with various stakeholders, and project status reporting


Senior Consultant

Arlington, VA

  • Enhanced the U.S. Marine Corps’ strategic plans by conducting political, military, and energy security analysis, focusing on the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia

  • Trained officers at the Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group by researching foreign military doctrines and emulating those tactics and strategies during large-scale military exercises

  • Collected and translated documents on terrorist ideologies and tactics from Arabic to English for publication on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s TripWire portal


Protective Security Specialist

Baghdad & Suleimaniyah, Iraq

  • Designated assistant team leader of a 12-man unit that provided close protection for the Regime Crime Liaison Office during the investigation of war crimes committed in Iraqi Kurdistan

  • Provided close protection for Ambassador Ronald Neumann in Baghdad

  • Researched attack trends and integrated intelligence analysis into operational plans


Security Team Leader

  • Managed a 9-man security team that led logistics convoys through insurgent-contested territory to deliver one billion dollars to 56 banks across central and northern Iraq

  • Planned, coordinated, and supervised over 100 security operations in an extremely high-threat environment and developed SOPs for a multitude of static and mobile security contingencies


Scout-Sniper Team Leader (Sergeant) – Honorable Discharge

Camp Pendleton, CA

  • Led scout-sniper teams during security and surveillance operations at ports and critical infrastructure points throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia

  • Trained security forces in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in advanced infantry and surveillance skills

  • Promoted two years ahead of peer group and received numerous awards



Master of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies, June 2009

  • Selected coursework: National security management, terrorism and counterterrorism policy, interagency cooperation, international relations, adversary foreign policy, Middle Eastern history & politics, the law of armed conflict, advanced Arabic, Islamic banking and finance, and political Islam


Certificates of Course Completion, October 2006-June 2007

  • Completed nine months of immersive Arabic study and practiced the Syrian dialect daily


Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, focus on Asian Politics & History, August 2006

  • Thesis: U.S. Foreign Policy for Kurdistan


English (fluent)

Modern Standard Arabic (advanced)

Syrian Arabic (advanced)

Thai (advanced)

Spanish (intermediate)


Level-3 Professional Investigator – EDI UK No. 25516788 (2013)

Level-2 and -3 High-Threat Close Protection – Academi (2012)

Designated Defense Marksman (DDM) – Academi (2012)

Foreign Security Forces Combat Advisor (Honor Graduate) – U.S. Army (2012)

Combat Lifesaver – U.S. Army (2012)

Red Team Leader (Honor Graduate) – University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies (2009)

Advanced Open Water Diver – PADI No. 0602A58013 (2006)

Level-1 High-Threat Close Protection –Academi (2004)

Scout-Sniper – U.S. Marine Corps (1999)


Covert Surveillance – Ronin Concepts Security Elite (2013)

Principles of Risk Management – DRI International (2013)

Emergency Preparedness and Response – DRI International (2013)

Covert Surveillance – S2 Institute (2013)

Human Intelligence Targeting – S2 Institute (2013)

Human Terrain Operator – U.S. Army (2010)

Urban Reconnaissance & Surveillance – U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Training Group (2000)


Managerial: Security operations, business development, business continuity planning, cross-cultural liaison

Analytical: TSCM (technical surveillance countermeasures), human terrain and intelligence analysis, investigation, open-source research, Arabic translation, Palantir, Tigr, Analyst’s Notebook, TripWire, Google Earth

Tactical: Close protection, covert surveillance, precision rifle, SINCGARS radios, boxing, tae kwon do, krav maga

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