Royston Higdon

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I am a highly motivated and professional individual. On leaving the army, june this year after 15+ years, I have decided to continue working within the security sector, inperticular maritime security.

I completed a combined maritime security course with The Training Wing based in Ringwood, and later also completed a maritime fire arms course with The Training Wing.

Recently completing seven transits, stamped, in and around the Indian Ocean on a two month rotation and now seeking my next rotation.

I have a keen interest in fitness and consider myself to be proactive.

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5 Combined Maritime Security Course + FPOS-I by The-Training-Wing

A good start in the industry - From the intial phone call, I felt reasured. The course was delivered over two weeks residentual based in Ringwood, with the use of an outside agency delivering parts of the STCW-95 elements, fire safety/fire prevention. The amunities could have been al ... (read more)

5 Maritime Firearms Competency Course - 2 Day by The-Training-Wing

Fire Arms Competency - Another really good course, well worth the money, priced around the middle of the market, but offering full bore shooting at a private shooting club. Good instruction through out, from experienced tradesman. Due to the age of some of the equipment SLR's ... (read more)