Sean Reilly

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Im Sean Reilly 40 years old , with 5 years British Army service , SIA cp trained , with FPOS and MIRA qualified. Full driving licence and passort in date. Im extreamly motivated and currently own my own business and also Post Office with 13 members of staff . I am well adapted to leading a workforce with various methods of getting the best out of each member of staff. Also more than willing and able to work or take orders from others. Looking for hostile or maritime work and able to move within 24 hours notice if need.

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4 Maritime Firearms Competency Course - 2 Day by The-Training-Wing

very good - Very good , in depth details and easy to get on with instructors , well worth the time and money

4 Close Protection Course + FPOS-I by G4S (Phoenix)

good course - Course was worth the money plus accom was provided , staff were good and tasks were very real and gave you full training analysis of what is expected of you. Days were sometimes long but hey if your out in the real world your days will be long.