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A forward thinking and conscientious Advanced HUMINT Operator with a broad experience base of 24 years military service, that includes an extensive array of HUMINT operations in Afghanistan in support of ISAF and OGDs. A proven track record in delivering capacity building training packages, in austere and hostile environments. Achieved transitional results through mentoring and training junior and senior host nation intelligence case officers.

Relevant Highlights

  • Advanced HUMINT Operator.
  • Designed training programmes and delivered instruction to provide a capacity building capability to host nation Intelligence Officers in the most austere and prohibited environments.
  • Key actor on a successful Afghan Local Police project.
  • Adept at operational planning.
  • Competent at working with and mentoring native and military linguists.

Career History

Operations Warrant Officer / Advanced HUMINT Operator / Forward Deployed Operator (Defence HUMINT Unit) 2009 – 2013


  • Mentored a host nation Intelligence Officer (Colonel), through a subtle training programme that took into consideration operational and cultural differences. The mentoring resulted in an improved collection capability and an increased output of actionable reports.
  • Created and delivered mentor support with a set of training packages for the host nation Intelligence Officers guard force that enabled them to integrate with ISAF partnered operations.
  • Project managed, sourced and over watched the construction of a new HUMINT Intelligence facility in Nahr E Saraj, Helmand.
  • Provided support as a key actor on an enduring Afghan Local Police security project. Assisted with the forging of relationships between ISAF, local Government Security Forces and provincial politicians.
  • Personally requested by the Battle Group Commander for Nahr E Saraj to support and participate in Battle Group level partnered operations with ANA, ANP and ISAF. Mentored and utilised a host nation intelligence sub section to conduct rapid exploitable J2 during the operations progress.
  • Personally selected to mentor and train an inexperienced host nation Intelligence Officer (Major), who required robust mentoring and an optimised training programme. This resulted in a capacity building effect that resulted in the production of timely lifesaving information. This also improved the personal confidence and self respect of the case officer.
  • Implemented a mutually beneficial training package for indigenous and UK military interpreters. This promoted cultural understanding, and enhanced the language capabilities of both streams.
  • Operations Warrant Officer for a Global Contingency HUMINT Response Team. Maintaining readiness and training for a team of 6 Operators and associated equipments.
  • Lead Instructor for the Tactical Information Report Training team. Key responsibilities were the development of course content and the delivery of HUMINT awareness training to external units, and Military Support and Stabilisation Teams.
  • Delivery of capability briefings and training to an OGD.
  • Conducted and mentored on Cultivation and Recruitment operations, that led to the recruitment of HUMINT Sources.
  • Conducted regular liaison with the Kandahar Intelligence Fusion Cell to develop specific intelligence requirements, and enhance direction to the collection tasks of the HUMINT Sources.
  • Many appointments as Acting Company Sergeant Major, which involved the management of day to day administration and the organising of continuation training for company personnel.

Workshop Sergeant Major / Production and Planning Manager (32 Regiment Royal Artillery REME Workshop) 2008 – 2009


  • Managed the training, discipline and day to day running of a highly technical sub unit of 108 personnel that supports the lead British Army UAV ISTAR capability.
  • Commended by the Regimental Commanding Officer for the planning and delivery of an extremely comprehensive annual training exercise, based on current British military operations in a Counter Insurgency theatre.
  • Directly accountable for planning and providing critical equipment support for a large fleet of tracked and wheeled vehicles, including the regulation of supporting documentation.

Workshop Sergeant Major / Production and Planning Manager (59 Independent Commando Sqn Royal Engineers REME Workshop) 2003 – 2008


  • Pre OP HERRICK military skills instructor, delivering field based training to deploying troops.
  • Delivered comprehensive unit level 20 day classroom and field, arctic warfare and survival packages.
  • Personally selected to be loaned out from 3 Commando Brigade to a UK based civilian adventure racing company, as a SME to project manage and run a jungle survival, endurance competition in Central America. Designed and delivered a detailed pre competition, UK training package and an in country training and pre conditioning programme.
  • Managed the in date certification, inspections and repair of a comprehensive and extensive fleet of equipments. In the UK and on Operations.

Mentor and instructor to Regimental Mobility Specialists / Specialist support to the UK Counter Terrorist Team (22 SAS LAD) 2000 – 2003

Training and Continuous Professional Development

  • Advanced HUMINT Operator.
  • Developed vetted.
  • SERE Level C.
  • BTEC Level 3 Close Protection.
  • Close Protection (Front Line) SIA Licensed to Operate, and current CRB.
  • FPOS(I) and MIRA
  • BTEC Level 4 Surveillance Operator and Military Foot and Mobile Surveillance trained.
  • All Arms Commando and Military Parachutist Trained.
  • Cold Weather Warfare and Survival Instructor.
  • Assistant Physical training instructor.
  • Range qualified SA(B)90.
  • Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector, Level 4.
  • Institute of Occupational Safety and Health – Managing Safely.

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