Stephen Paterson

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A highly trained and very competent close protection operative with 15 years military experience. Has held management positions in both infantry and logistical roles with results driven by excellent communication and leadership skills. Currently seeking employment in the private security industry

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5 Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA) by Alpha Safety Training Limted

Very well run course - I attended this course in Febuary and was very satisfied with the training that was provided. the staff and resoursed were outstanding. a very intense course well run and well astablished. i would definatly recoment this course to anyone anyone thinking a ... (read more)

5 Hostile Environment Close Protection Course (HEPCO) by Ronin Concepts Elite Ltd

HE CP course - Completed this course in December 2012. A very well establised course with knowledgable instuctors, hostile package in Poland was fantastic with comfortable accomadation, highly recommended course