Andrew Jackson

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A confident outgoing person, always willing to help and inject input as and when required. Think of myself as a Team player. Experienced gained by 22 years in the British Army. Operational tours completed Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosavo, Gulf war 1990. Left the Army in 2007 and worked at a training Regiment, ATR Bassingbourn. My main duties were the booking and distribution of all kit and equipment to ensure the training continued with the minimum of fuss, reason for leaving was being made redundant due to Bassingbourn Barracks closing down. During my time at Bassingbourn I was also the Chairman of ATR Bassingbourn Fishing club, this location was very well known in the world of fishing with high profile fishermen using our lake as club members. I feel also I have a great sence of humour and strongly agree with the saying "Work Hard Play Hard ". Now looking to move into the environment which I feel I have a great deal to offer.

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5 Hostile Environment Close Protection Course (HEPCO) by Ronin Concepts Elite Ltd

Ronin Concepts - This course from day one made you feel as you are part of a outstanding team. Always made to feel at ease and not afraid to ask questions. The instructors were always there and very professional and experianced with advice passed to you the student. Overa ... (read more)

5 First Person On Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I) by Ronin Concepts Elite Ltd

BTEC Level2 First Person on Scene - First part of the course, this at times was hard going with information that was given out. Alot of hands on dealing with various situations that may come our way. Overall a very good course and qualification gained.