Robert Litton

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4 Clinical Placement - Moldova by Merit Training ltd

Great leaning experience. - I found this an excellent placement, as the pace in the hospital is a lot slower than in the uk, which gives you plenty of time to practice the skills you have been taught. The doctors i worked with whilst on shift where extremly helpful in helping with g ... (read more)

5 Close Protection Course + FPOS-I by G4S (Phoenix)

Great Course - I found the Phoenix CP course to be run very well, it is a fast learning curve but a very managable one. The instructors were very informative and helpful. The accomidation is nice and the food wasnt to shabby either.

4 Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA) by Exmed UK Ltd

Great Course, a little cold. - I found this to be a great course for insight in to the skills of a paramedic. After finishing my course I was completly hooked on medical training and have looked a progressing to a paramedic. The only down side was that he accomadtion was a little on th ... (read more)