Terry Clarke

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I have completed 22 yrs service with the Royal Artillery. My career stream was Targeting which meant coordinating and directing indirect fire assets, air assets, AH and UAV's.

Completed operational tours in NI, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and more recently Afghanistan H15.

Held a Range Management Qualification.

Recently completed a HECPO course which included a Tactical Firearms phase, 5 day FPOSI that included High Threat Trauma & Remote Medics course.

Hold a clean full drivers licence ranging from motorbike up to C+E with HAZMAT 1-9.

Hold a full SIA licence and a current CRB check that is in date for the next 5 months.

I am living in Germany but I don't see this as an obstacle because I would prefer to work away for long periods of time.

Hold a British passport.

Have a CIPD Human Resources qualification which may be of some use to provide cover for other people when they are out of country.

Keen and enthusiastic about anything I try my hand at. Reliable and a team player who won't let you down.

Number one on my Bucket list is to ride my GS around the world, although unless I've got the help from Ewan Mcgregor's support team I might just have to settle for the Continent!

All advice, tips and contacts welcome and appreciated.

Ready to deploy now.

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5 Hostile Environment Close Protection Course (HEPCO) by Longmoor Security

HECPO with TFA and FPOSI - Customer service was great, location is great, course programme flows well throughout, Instructors offered a wealth of knowledge to every lesson. TFA phase in Slovenia is a must!! Very pleased I chose this provider.