Neil Coldwell

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Close Protection Officer


  • Professional and dedicated Close Protection Officer and Security Provider who has operated in the security sector since 1997
  • Highly trained in the requisite skills with the advantage of having undertaken additional industry related courses
  • Have successfully completed numerous CP tasks in an number of roles, including PPO for a Princes from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a Princess from the Qatari Royal family
  • Reliable, discreet and mature with unquestionable integrity
  • Physically fit and mentally strong
  • Quick to adjust to changing circumstances and new developments
  • Able to alter the level of protection to meet the requirements of the task
  • The foresight to recognise areas of potential danger and to negate the risk
  • Inherent ability of remaining calm and level-headed within any environment and situation
  • Excellent communication skills at all levels, including liaising with the client
  • A team player who understands the importance of unity and support amongst the team
  • Capacity to take on higher responsibility including planning and leadership
  • Capable of transcending cultural differences

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5 Combined Firearms for Security in Hostile Environments - 4 Day by Euro Tactical Ltd

Professional course with top instructors - From start to finish the quality of their course was second to none. There is a huge focus on safety as you would expect and they work at the pace of the students, from the very basics and progressing accordingly. I am still in contact them and have no pr ... (read more)